Tuple for Windows is coming soon!



  • Improved rendering by triple buffering GPU display buffers


  • Glare caused when two peers call each other at the same time now has predictable behavior (and doesn’t crash!)
  • Webcam preview window has a more responsive UI, which no longer shows devices that aren’t available
  • The in-call webcam window now remembers its position on your screen
  • Incoming call window can now be closed (which ignores the call rather than declining it)
  • Fixed a bug where stale incoming call messages may unexpectedly appear
  • Fixed deadlock which could occur when modifying screen sharing state with a full video buffer
  • Crash related to guest toolbar when it was small and a new cursor mode was selected
  • Observers who cancel incoming calls no longer cause others to be disconnected
  • Crash related to cancelling an outgoing call when the network is laggy
  • Fixed unexpected behavior when devices are woken up by network activity
  • Fixed a deadlock related to webcam