Tuple for Windows is coming soon!



  • We now support partial screensharing.


  • Webcam streams now scale to fill the window (on the receiving side).
  • Tuple now connects much quicker after losing internet access.
  • Tuple launches a bit faster than before.
  • Auto-login now waits for your internet to be reachable.
  • Errors which occur during sign-in are now a bit more precise.


  • Crash which could occur if on a network which hijacks HTTP responses (e.g. public WiFi with a web login interface).
  • Regression where friends who are your teammates would also appear in the teammates section.
  • Fixed bug where Tuple may need to be restarted after waking up from sleep.
  • Friends who are busy on a call are now shown consistently in the UI.
  • Failed SSO logins no longer put the app in an unusable state.
  • Contact list is now more responsive for large teams.