Tuple for Windows is coming soon!



  • New warning for when the built-in microphone is being used and laptop clamshells are closed.
  • Experimental beta presence side car which can be enabled in Preferences > Debug > Use New Signaling.
  • Hotkey for quickly opening Call Stats.
  • A new button to quickly share your webcam when someone else shares theirs with you.


  • Reduced the CPU usage in capture code by ~20-40% on average. We’re now leveraging the GPU even more and reducing unnecessary work on CPU. Huzzah!
  • The “Send Link” button on the guest toolbar will now be disabled when the host has automatic link sending disabled


  • Minor layout bug in the preferences.
  • Controlling a pair’s screen while using the Dvorak layout will now respect modifier keys (like control).
  • We now respect cmd + option + c and cmd + option + x key combos.
  • Tuple will no longer remain active after a call ends on Big Sur when the open url window is open.
  • Better detection of audio device changes when using devices with zero channels.