• Receiving a peer’s webcam while hosting is now up to 3x more efficient.
  • A soothing spinner when waiting for a pair’s screen to appear.
  • Pairs who disconnect unexpectedly will be called back automatically.


  • Optimized video encoding pipeline for faster encoding/rendering times.


  • Resolved a bug that could cause a crash immediately after accepting a call.
  • Typing in a help dropdown when controlling your pair’s computer should work in most cases.
  • Navigating a context menu with arrows keys should no longer cause the menu to freeze.
  • Typing in a Virtualbox VM when controlling your pair’s computer should work.
  • Dvorak command+shift+- and command+shift+= now do the right thing.
  • Spanish ISO keyboard users can type characters that require the option key into VIM when the host is also using Spanish ISO.
  • The “Share Webcam” button will no longer appear when you’re already sharing your webcam.
  • Reduced time to begin rendering remote screens under certain conditions.
  • Resolved a bug that could crash your pair when the host’s cursor image changed.