Tuple's Enterprise Pricing Details


Our Enterprise plan costs $600/user/year (paid up front).

You must purchase service for at least 20 users.

Discounts are available for multi-year contracts and teams of more than 100 users.


The primary difference between our standard plan and the Enterprise plan is SSO support. Your users can sign up for and authenticate to Tuple using your SAML solution (Okta, OneLogin, etc.)

This approach lets your IT folks manage access to Tuple from a central location.

Our Enterprise plan also gives you the ability to pay via PO.

Adding and removing users

When we provision your team, we will set a maximum number of users equal to the number of seats you have purchased.

If you run out of available seats, new users attempting to join your team will be shown an error message. At that point, you can purchase more seats by contacting support@tuple.app for an invoice.

If you remove users, this will free up those seats for new users to join.


We'd love to hear from you. Emails go directly to a co-founder with signing authority. Please email us and we'll get you straightened out.