Job opening: Chief of Staff

Position filled

This position has been filled. We're flattered that you'd consider applying to work here, though.

You can always tell us why we should hire you anyway or get notified when we post new openings.

Full-time. In-person: Somerville, MA.

Role overview

Hi! I'm Ben, the CEO of Tuple.

I'm pretty good at generating ideas, sketching out projects in broad strokes, and making good software.

I'm way less good at finishing projects, sweating small details, and reliable day-to-day execution.

I'm looking to hire the yin to my particular yang. Someone who is strong where I'm weak, where together we form a glorious hybrid of getting things done.

To be clear: this is not an executive assistant position. You will attend my meetings with me, have access to (nearly) all the information I do, and be directly responsible for complex projects throughout the organization. As employee number seven (and someone who will help with hiring), you will play a major role in shaping the future of Tuple.

About Tuple

Tuple is an app that lets developers pair program while working remotely. Think of it a bit like super-powered Zoom screen-sharing, used by developers who are writing code together in real-time from the comfort of home.

Folks switch to Tuple because the screen-sharing is extremely high quality (important when viewing source code together) and the remote control is seamless and low-latency (important when controlling someone else's computer via the Internet).

We founded the company three years ago because we disliked the existing pairing tools, and believed that by focusing on this particular use-case, we could create a tool developers would actually like.

Turns out we were pretty much right: we've grown to millions in ARR and tens of thousands of paid users in three years without any outside funding (we're completely bootstrapped).

For more details on how things are going, you can check out my weekly podcast.

About you


  • You're very smart, get lots done, and are fun to be around.
  • You're tough, and will call me out when you know I can do better. Frequent bi-directional feedback sounds great to you.
  • You're happy to work mostly in-person from our Somerville, MA office.
  • You write exceptionally well.


  • You've worked in a variety of roles at a tech company and can draw on your experience to make better decisions.
  • You've scaled a business before.
  • You've written a bit of code.

Goals for your first few months

  • Shadow me closely to learn our business and where I can use the most help.
  • Take broad swaths off responsibilities off my plate.
  • Make me feel foolish for not hiring you sooner.


$175,000/year, plus relocation assistance.

How to apply

Please record a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) telling us why you think we'd be great together.

When it's ready, email a link to the video to