Tuple is free
for OSS teams

Maintaining open source software is hard. Doing it alone makes it even harder! We want to make your life a little bit easier by giving Tuple away to any open source team that needs it.

Our OSS journey

How we give back to the community.

We use OSS tools, we build OSS tools, we sponsor OSS developers, and we even send them on vacation sometimes (seriously). Here's some of our OSS story.

OSS tools we use

Tuple wouldn’t exist without these.

Fantastic tools like WebRTC and Rails have saved us years of development time. Here are just a few of the OSS tools we rely on at Tuple.

Rails logo

Ruby on Rails

As much as we love to reinvent the wheel, we decided to go with Rails for our backend and API.

WebRTC logo


Tuples heavily relies on WebRTC to enable real-time calls, with high-quality audio and video.

React logo


React powers the user interface inside Tuple's popover: the friend list, the in-call view, everything!

Tailwind logo


We love Tailwind, and use it everywhere: the app's UI, our backend panel, and even this very paragraph.

Jekyll logo


Ruby here, Ruby there, Ruby everywhere. We use Jekyll to generate this very page.

PostgreSQL logo


We have a lot of things to worry about, but our database isn't one of them.

Sponsoring OSS devs

We sponsored these
(fantastic) OSS developers.

Tuple wanted to join GitHub in helping to make open source more sustainable through their GitHub Sponsorships program. Meet the open source contributors we sponsored, as a token of our appreciation for their work.

Kasper Timm Hansen

Kasper Timm Hansen

Rails contributor

Kasper Timm is a long-time Ruby developer, who has served on Rails' core team since 2016.

Richard Schneeman

Richard Schneeman

Rails contributor

Richard is one of the top 50 contributors to Rails, and maintains 50+ open source libraries.

Freek Van der Herten

Freek Van der Herten

PHP, Laravel & JS OSS dev

Freek is the co-owner of Spatie, developers of 250+ PHP packages with 339 million downloads.

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver

Ruby & Rails contributor

Chris is the creator of several Ruby and Rails projects, such as GoRails, Jumpstart, and Hatchbox.

OSS vacation

We even sent OSS devs
on vacation.

Yes, really. We sent 3 OSS devs on an all-expenses-paid vacation! (Well, 3 different vacations.) We got thousands of votes for hundreds of deserving developers who really needed a break.

See the results
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OSS teams only

Get Tuple for free, today.

Whether you're a team or on your own, we're here to help. We want to give away Tuple for free to help you build your open source software.

We generally accept applications for repositories with greater than 100 stars on their respective platform, and where the project is supported by a distributed team of volunteers who don't have a central sponsor or entity to pay for collaboration tools. If that's your case, fill in our short form and we'll be in touch shortly!