Meet the winners


Well, the results are in!

First, let us say that we were blown away by how many nominations we got. In the span of a few weeks, we received over 437 nominations (that's after we cleaned up all duplicates). We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to build this list of nominees.

We received a staggering 14,000 votes from over 4,500 people. We were reminded yet again that there are so many selfless OSS developers all over the world, working with all kinds of technologies. We wish we could send everyone on vacation!

Without further ado, the winners!

TJ DeVries avatar

TJ DeVries


One of the core maintainers of Neovim, the creator of telescope.nvim, a community builder and live-streamer.

Firstname lastname avatar

Deepthi Sigireddi


Project lead and maintainer of Vitess, which powers some of the largest sites and is one of the oldest Go projects in existence.

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Eduardo San Martin Morote


Member of the Vue.js core team, maintainer of vue-router, Pinia, vuefire, and many other Vue related libraries.

We're beyond excited to give these three developers (and their families!) a much needed break. We gave each of them a call to let them know they had won.

What's next?

Vacation! The winners will decide where they want to go, who they want to take, and when they want to go. We'll keep you updated here with (just a few) pictures and videos from the various vacations!