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Because we programmers deserve better than a generic screen-sharing tool
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(It's about our pairing-specific touches.)

After Screenhero was acquired, we were sure someone would come along to make a tool specifically for pair programming.

But four years later, it still felt like no one had really nailed it.

Sure, you could technically get some pairing done with something like Zoom, but it was clearly built for business types, not programmers who hate undismissable UI chrome.

And Slack Calls is fine, but not having remote control is rough. Have you ever tried to dictate some code for your pair to write? Or narrated a set of vim commands? Not fun.

Another problem: if you’re going to type on a remote machine, the connection has to be low-latency. This is the sort of thing that generic screensharing tools just don’t care much about.

After much deliberation, the three of us (Ben, Joel, and Spencer) quit our cushy dev jobs, started living off our savings, and dove into the problem full-time.

It's been a ton of work, but we finally have something we've always wanted: a fast, lightweight tool built for nitpicky developers like ourselves. One that sweats the details programmers care about like efficient CPU usage, no UI chrome, and 5K-quality video stream. A tool that fades into the background and lets you focus on being a great pair.

We are proud of Tuple and we love using it. We think you will too.

P.S. We're fully self-funded, have no intention of raising money or selling, and are sustainably profitable. We're in this for the long haul. :)

Built for Pair Programmers

Seamless control for two

Tuple gives mouse and keyboard control to both parties. Handing off control takes one click, so you never need to dictate what you want your pair to do.

Crazy-low CPU usage

An active Tuple call often uses less CPU than Chrome does while sitting "idle". We're stingy with your CPU cycles so you've got space to spin up yet another Docker container.

Ridiculously crisp audio and video

If you've got the bandwidth for it, Tuple will stream your desktop in glorious 5K. Our audio is low-latency and super clear.

Been using Tuple for all the pairing I've been doing with Taylor Otwell this week.

Streaming 5K from Arkansas to Ontario for hours at a time without a single hiccup. The hype is real.

Adam Wathan
Creator of TailwindCSS

Features for discerning developers

We'll admit it: we're a little crazy about the small details in our tools. Someone in marketing might be okay with Zoom's UI cluttering their screen, but we didn't want to live that way.

Handy screen annotation

When navigating, you can highlight or draw on your pair's screen. No more calling out line numbers to direct their attention to some code.

One click to start pairing

No need for clunky invites, URLs, “rooms”, or “hosts”. One click on your friends list and you're collaborating.

No UI in your way

Tuple lives in your toolbar and has no persistent UI elements, even while pairing. You'll never struggle to read something that's hidden underneath annoying chrome.

I wanted to tweet about my first experience using Tuple yesterday, but I honestly couldn't even find the words! The image quality and latency, across the country, was absolutely breathtaking. I've never experienced anything like it. It's pro-focused like nothing else.

Andrew Culver
Founder and Lead Developer at Bullet Train

Just did my second Tuple call and it really feels like magic.

That's the fastest Adam Wathan has ever been able to explain a concept to me.

Having the ability to highlight different parts of the screen is 👍.

Justin Jackson
Co-founder of Transistor

Been using Tuple the last week and it is such a massive improvement over hangouts/zoom. Mega fast connections, low latency mouse and keyboard takeover, it’s nearly perfect!!

Brandon Newton
Javascript Developer

My team has been pairing with Tuple for almost a month now and the verdict is -- it's amazing. Major brownie points to their team for promptly responding to user feedback as well. Blown away by their commitment!

Joel Taylor
Developer at TaskRabbit

Ready to finally have a great pairing app?

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