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Developers deserve purpose-built tools.

Look, it's not terrible pairing with Zoom.

But it wasn't built for the highly-interactive process of remote pairing; a world where you want mouse cursors for all participants and high-fidelity remote control (like Command+Tab support).

With something like Slack Calls, not having remote control ought to be a deal-breaker. Dictating code to your pair token by token is a total antipattern. Google Meet has similar issues.

Also, if you’re going to type on a remote machine, the connection has to be low-latency. This is the sort of thing that generic screen sharing tools just don’t care much about.

When we couldn't find a tool we loved, the three of us (Ben, Joel, and Spencer) quit our cushy dev jobs, started living off our savings, and dove into the problem full-time.

It's been a ton of work, but we finally have something we've always wanted: a fast, lightweight tool built for nitpicky developers like ourselves. One that sweats the details programmers care about like efficient CPU usage, no UI chrome, and a 5K-quality video stream. A tool that fades into the background and lets you focus on being a great pair.

We're proud of Tuple, and we hope you like it.


Ben, Joel, and Spencer

P.S. We're fully self-funded, have no intention of raising money or selling, and are sustainably profitable. We're in this for the long haul. :)

Built for Pair Programmers

Seamless control for two

Tuple gives mouse and keyboard control to both parties. Handing off control takes one click, so you never need to dictate what you want your pair to do.

Crazy-low CPU usage

An active Tuple call often uses less CPU than Chrome does while sitting "idle". We're stingy with your CPU cycles so you've got space to spin up yet another Docker container.

Ridiculously crisp audio and video

Tuple streams in glorious 5K so you can read your pair's tiny programming font. Our audio is low-latency and super clear.

A photo of Farhan Thawar glowing with warmth and compassion

Tuple has become our default tool for remote pairing at Shopify. The teams ❤️ it.

Farhan Thawar
VP of Engineering, Shopify

Features for discerning developers

We'll admit it: we're a little crazy about the small details in our tools. Someone in marketing might be okay with Zoom's UI cluttering their screen, but we didn't want to live that way.

One click to start pairing

Call a coworker synchronously with a single click, or share a call link with your team to join asychronously.

Draw on the screen

Turns out it's super handy to be able to draw while pairing. It's like your whole screen is a whiteboard.

No UI in your way

Tuple lives in your menu bar and has no persistent UI elements. You'll never struggle to read something that's hidden underneath our chrome.

Anthropic's been using Tuple for remote pair programming the past six months and it's been a revelation. Perfect resolution, excellent audio, no lag, two clicks to start a session, full keyboard and mouse.

A photo of Andy Jones looking trustworthy
Andy Jones
AI Safety Engineering, AnthropicAI
Tuple spread like wildfire throughout the entire Clerk team, and quickly became an integral part of our internal communications.
A photo of Braden Sidoti looking trustworthy
Braden Sidoti
CTO & Co-founder, Clerk

Just did my second Tuple call and it really feels like magic. That's the fastest Adam Wathan has ever been able to explain a concept to me.

A photo of Justin Jackson looking trustworthy
Justin Jackson
Co-founder, Transistor

At Stripe, we've been using Tuple so much it's become a verb.

A photo of CJ sporting a trustworthy beard
CJ Avilla
Developer Advocate, Stripe

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