Helping with Hacktoberfest

Ben Orenstein

Ben Orenstein · @r00k · September 28, 2021

When we set out to build Tuple, we recognized that we could only do it with such a small team because of the generous OSS developers that had paved the way ahead of us. Fantastic tools like WebRTC and Rails likely saved us years of development time.

We’ve been inspired by Digital Ocean’s Hacktoberfest, and we’d like to join them in giving back to the OSS community. Here’s all the goodness we’re rolling out in October to give back. 🥳

Open source teams get Tuple for free (forever)

Maintaining open source projects can be an arduous task. Doing it alone makes it even harder.

We want to ease the burden a bit by providing Tuple to any open source team that needs it.

Want to knock out that one lingering issue in your backlog that’s a bit too complex to tackle alone? Are your docs getting a bit stale and in need of a documentation update pairing party? Whatever you’re feeling, we’ve got you covered.

Fill out this form with some basic information about your team and we’ll take care of the rest.

Extended Tuple trials from October 1st - 15th

For the first two weeks of October, we want to help you make your Hacktoberfest contributions by extending our free trial period from 14 to 31 days. This gives you the entire month of October to pair with a fellow dev on your contributions (tip: check out git-pair to share credit).

If you need some help getting started with pair programming, check out our official Pair Programming Guide. It’s full of practical advice that will have you submitting your best work to the open source projects that need it.

Finally, we’d love it if you’d share the open source PRs you made with @tuple! We’re excited to see wait what you can contribute with a pair at your side 💪 .

We want to sponsor your OSS

Tuple wants to join GitHub in helping to make open source more sustainable through their GitHub Sponsorships program.

We’re going to be selecting a few open source contributors each quarter to sponsor, and you could be in the first round!

Fill out this form, follow @tuple, and we’ll announce the sponsors on Twitter by October 7th.