Tuple for Windows is coming soon!

New Tuple features in v0.96

We just shipped v0.96 (download link if you need it).

Here’s what’s new.

1. You can now ask to join in-progress calls!

Request to join an in-progress call

If your colleagues are in a pairing session, you can now request to join them without trying to get their attention through Slack.

They’ll get a macOS-esque prompt that looks like this:

Request to join an in-progress call nudge

If they accept, you’ll join the call.

2. We added a Health Check to help diagnose call issues

Health Check

If you’re having issues on a Tuple call, it’s nice to know whether it’s our fault (I’m sorry! Please tell us.) or due to a flaky connection.

With this update, you’ll be able to see live info about your Tuple call.

The stats we’ve chosen to display will likely need some fine-tuning, so we’re eager to hear your thoughts about how they can be improved.

3. You can now request your pair share their screen or webcam

Ever been on a call where your pair has forgotten to share their screen? And they’re happily talking away explaining what they’re doing, so you feel slightly awkward interrupting them?

Me too. So we added this:

Request to join an in-progress call

4. We removed our Ably and Cloudwatch dependencies.

This shrinks our binary size by 11MB and reduces Tuple’s bandwidth usage.

Man, I love writing that sort of thing in release notes.

5. We shipped some smaller stuff

  • We believe we’ve fixed a bug that caused the shared screen to have extreme latency after long periods of inactivity.
  • Dragging and scrolling now works in native apps that require deltaX and deltaY attributes (like Xcode’s View Hierachy).
  • Thanks to a suggestion during our last security audit, we now use a PKCE authentication flow.
  • You can now see which account you’re signed in with by clicking your avatar in the top-right of the popover.
  • Removing a friend is now reflected in the UI immediately.

Feedback welcome! Happy pairing :)