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Video sharing enhancements

Sharing your video on Tuple is a great way to enhance communication while pair programming. Tuple supports using the built-in camera, connected webcams, and as of our last release, virtual webcams!

Here are three new ways you can customize and upgrade the video you share:

1. Use your phone for higher quality video

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you can use them as webcams with the help of a super useful app called Camo. (The camera on your iPhone is quite a bit better than most webcams you can buy, so this is a great option.)

Camo lets you adjust the camera lenses, lighting, colors, zoom, crop and focus via your computer. It’s easy to use, and cleverly pushes a lot of the video processing to your phone to reduce load on your computer.

With the recently-added virtual camera support in Tuple, we now support apps like Camo.

To celebrate, Camo is kindly offering a discount on pro licenses. If you want more control of your image, and hi-res video, give it a try.

Using Tuple with Camo

2. Share almost anything as video via virtual camera

Support for virtual cameras opens the doors to all sorts of video sources. You can now use virtual camera generating software to mix in various inputs, including video captured by DSLRs.

For example, in OBS Studio you could choose your DSLR as a video source for a virtual camera, and then select that as the video you share in Tuple.

3. Add a filter with Snap Camera

Ever wanted to pair program with a bearded dragon? You could add Snap Camera as a virtual source in OBS Studio. Go ahead and use your favorite filters to have even more fun while you work together.

Using Tuple with Snap Camera

Virtual camera support brings new ways to use the devices you already have to share video how you want to on Tuple. We hope you enjoy these new options, and have as much fun using them as we have!