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Full-time. Remote (or Somerville, MA).

tl;dr: We've grown Tuple to millions in ARR by building an excellent product that users genuinely love. We've been closing multiple six-figure deals and are realizing there's huge opportunity on the enterprise side of our business. We're ready to hire a Head of Sales to help us close more of these deals, professionalize our sales process, and help us grow to $10M ARR and beyond.

Who we are

Tuple is an app that lets developers pair program while working remotely. Think of it a bit like super-powered Zoom screen-sharing, used by developers who are writing code together in real-time from the comfort of home.

Folks switch to Tuple because the screen-sharing is extremely high quality (important when viewing source code together) and the remote control is seamless and low-latency (important when controlling someone else's computer via the Internet).

We founded the company three years ago because we disliked the existing pairing tools, and believed that by focusing on this particular use-case, we could create a tool developers would actually like.

Turns out we were pretty much right: we've grown to millions in ARR and tens of thousands of paid users in three years without any outside funding or full-time sales help.

Want even more details on how things are going? Our CEO Ben hosts a weekly podcast where he shares regular updates.

Role overview

Currently, three quarters of our revenue is self-serve: our customers sign up, enter a credit card, invite their teammates, and start pairing. We offer them occasional support via email and ask for their feedback on new features and the product roadmap, but don't do much to help them buy. These folks tend to pay monthly.

One quarter of our revenue comes from customers who need to go through a more traditional sales process. Usually, some of their devs sign up for a trial, like the product, and then kick it over to procurement to actually purchase it. Procurement often wants to negotiate a contract and pricing, perform a security assessment, and handle billing via invoice/PO. These folks almost always pay annually, with an average deal-size of around $15k. Devs generally really like our product, so these deals tend to be less selling and more managing of the purchasing process. So far, all this deal-flow is inbound.

We believe that by growing a great sales organization, we can increase the amount of sales-driven revenue dramatically, and we're looking for someone excited to lead that effort.

As our Head of Sales, you will initially be a one-person sales department.

Once you've established a sales process that works, you'll take the lead on growing our sales organization. We'll provide you with the budget, time, and authority to build a sales team you're excited to run.

Goals for your first few months

  • Learn the product and market.
  • Close your first deals.
  • Start to systematize our sales process.
  • Figure out the best levers to pull to generate more leads.
  • Determine our first additional sales hire.
  • Make us feel silly for not hiring someone like you sooner.

About you

  • You've done this sort of thing before. We want to hire someone who's already been a startup's first full-time sales person (or at least joined super early) and went on to close millions of dollars of deals.
  • You're great at creating order out of chaos. You're excited by the idea of professionalizing the sales process for a company that has a great product but has not invested in sales yet.
  • You're comfortable selling a technical product to technical people. You can talk to developers without making them roll their eyes.

Why you might want to work with us

  • We're tiny, so there are no layers of bureaucracy to work through (you'll report to our CEO/founder). You can have a very big impact on the future of the company.
  • We rarely have meetings.
  • You can work remotely as long as you're within 4 hours of Boston's time zone (EST). You can also choose to work out of our Somerville, MA office.
  • You'll have a front-row seat at an early-stage, fast-growing company. If you hope to start your own thing some day, this could be good preparation.

How to apply

Please record a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) telling us why you think we'd be great together.

When it's ready, email a link to the video to