Tuple for Windows is coming soon!



  • Red flickering of the call connected window due to silly macOS animation API’s being old.
  • Red border around screen being shown at an incorrect time when the webcam video was closed.
  • When automatic webcam is enabled ensure that we respect the preferred webcam previously selected.
  • Cursor offset that could occur when using host paint mode.


  • Previously, if your pair had your webcam displayed on the screen they were sharing, we covered it with a mask before sending it to you to minimize distractions. Unfortunately, this feature was highly confusing and led to many bugs. We’d like to rethink webcam sharing in the future, but for now we’ve removed the masking. In the meantime, if you find seeing a delayed version of your webcam distracting, we recommend asking your pair to move the webcam window to a second display.


  • Sound Check will properly show muted state based on the microphone level and the audio stream. Prior to this change, the ‘mute’ keyword was just based on microphone level.