Tuple for Windows is coming soon!



  • Webcam window is now automatically excluded from screen sharing output
  • Double-clicking a rating in the call feedback form will submit the rating automatically
  • A new Tuple preference setting to turn off the red corners when hosting a session


  • Webcam window now works across multiple spaces (and fullscreen apps)
  • Webcam automatically starts for audio-only calls when enabled in preferences
  • Show missing button for inviting friends in the UI
  • ‘Persist Paint’ Tuple setting should now always work
  • Issue with keychain affecting folks who sign in via SSO


  • Host clicks in tag team mode now follow the same behavior as the guest when taking control
  • Tuple now follows standard app/window switching behavior and has keyboard-friendly windows
  • Guest keyboard events are now sent to the host whenever keyboard control is enabled and the screen window is focused.
  • Host screen now has configurable red corners to indicate it’s being displayed
  • ‘Persist Paint’ Tuple setting will be applied to local painting as well
  • Call feedback can be submitted by double-clicking a rating