Tuple for Windows is coming soon!



  • Celebrations & Emojis: you send ‘em, and you can see ‘em. Now you can join the party when your teammates are rejoicing.
  • Cursor images: when both viewing and sharing screens, cursor images will be rendered correctly (i.e. if you’re hovering in a text area, you’ll see a caret).
  • Highlight Clicks: you’re now able to both send and view “highlight clicks” (aka the tool that draws a ripple around where you cursor is).
  • Room Favorites: You can now favorite the rooms that you use the most, and they’ll stay pinned to the top of the Rooms tab. Hopefully this makes things less overwhelming if your organization has tons of rooms.
  • Team invite link in the popover: it’s now easier than ever to get your teammates set up on Tuple. Just copy the invite link and send it to ‘em.
  • New network settings: We’ve added “Force TURN” and “Force Media Server” settings, which can helpful in improving call quality under certain conditions.


  • Call Feedback window should only appear when a screen was viewed during the call
  • Bug that caused keystrokes to be sent when in an annotation mode
  • Skinny borders while sharing screen on high DPI monitors
  • Dark/Light flicker when popup is first shown


  • Switched from GDI to Direct2D for screen share graphics/animations
  • Better looking graphics (antialiasing)
  • Improved performance
  • GPU offloading
  • Upgraded WebRTC (M121)
  • Revamped Logging